Good Luck, Boys!

1. I am actually suffering from a bit of disorientation right now. I have gotten used to blabbing on and on about the Sabres without any new information. I’m feeling a bit mentally overloaded at the prospect of an actual game. I won’t be able to watch the game live tonight because I have to play a concert, and a tiny bit of me is relieved. Hopefully, in time I will become a more sophisticated fan, but right now, I am a spaz.

2. I saw Paul Gaustad in public the other day. Although I chose to play hard to get by avoiding eye contact and refusing to speak to him, Goose and I now share a lifelong bond. We are BFFs. Don’t be surprised tonight if after he punches some Islander in the face, he turns to the camera and mouths, “I love you, Katebits”. Paul seemed very delighted to see me in the flesh (he must be a BPO fan or something), so I have no doubt that he has already dedicated his entire season to me. Hopefully, the next time we run into each other around town he will have the courage to say hello!

3. If I never hear the name “Chris Drury” again, it will be too soon. The very best thing about the season starting is that everyone can stop speculating on what happened, and what might have happened, and what could have been, and what things might be like in the future. We will FINALLY have something real to talk about.

Go Sabres!


1 Response to “Good Luck, Boys!”

  1. 1 Glenn October 5, 2007 at 5:50 pm

    THis makes me shiver with antici………….PATION!

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