Here are my mid-season grades for my first season as a fan:

Stick-to-it-ed-ness: A+ (I believe I am earning my stripes as a real fan by not only watching, but writing daily about this particular team at this particular time.)

Ability to recognize a “soft goal”: D+ (Frankly, I doubt the existence of the mythical “softie”.)

Signage: C– (I am too bashful to hold a sign at a game, although I could probably make a pretty awesome sign if called upon to do so.)

Appearance: F (I do not own a single item of Sabres clothing. I keep almost buying a jersey, but I simply CAN’T decide on a player. [Adam Mair is suddenly in the running, FYI.])

Ability to recognize off-sides: B+ (I’m totally getting good at this one.)

Ability to recognize/bitch about penalties: F- (I have no effing idea what is going on with penalties. All I know is that I consistently enjoy shouting, “HOOKER!” at the television.)

Booing: A+

Face-off Appreciation: A (I love me a good, clean face-off win. HONK!)

Attitude: B (I am currently cultivating a “bad” attitude, which is serving me quite well.)

Fantasy Hockey: D+ (I earn points for continuing to play even though my team is terrible, but I lose points for nearly every decision I have made all season.)

Ability to properly place blame: A+ (I’m always right about who is a fault.)


1 Response to “Midterms”

  1. 1 Heather B. January 26, 2008 at 3:33 pm

    [Adam Mair is suddenly in the running, FYI.])

    What?! Not that he’s not worth it, but when and how did this happen?!

    (I’m always right about who is a fault.)


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