It’s Been Too Long

I realized with a start this afternoon that I am WAY behind on my “Back to Hockey” posting schedule on TWC. I haven’t even done Kate’s Favorite Sabre yet! The season starts tomorrow and I’m TOTALLY unprepared! I’m so sorry that I have allowed myself to be distracted away from hockey like this. It’s just that with such a long off season, my attention wandered away, and the next thing I knew, it was the start of new season! I’m so excited! The Sabres are back tomorrow! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO-


What’s that you say?

Tomorrow is just the start of the Finals?

The 2008 Finals?! But…wait…..didn’t Detroit win those already?

What the hell?

But. It’s been a hundred years since hockey ended. Surely it’s time for a new season. Are you telling me the NHL scheduled a hundred year break between the end of the conference finals, and the start of the finals? It’s been so long since I watched hockey I can’t really remember the situation. I just figured it was time for a new season.

Really? Huh. Okay. Tomorrow the Finals start. The 2008 Stanley Cup Finals.


So…….who’s playing again?


Aw, just kidding. I remember who’s playing in the Finals, but this long break took some of the wind out of my sails. Stupid schedulers. Don’t they know I have a very short attention span?

Here. Let’s watch this again. This will perk us back up for the Finals.


1 Response to “It’s Been Too Long”

  1. 1 elise May 26, 2008 at 12:02 am

    kate, i like the idea of hockey schedule time travel!

    p.s. how’s the practicing treating you?

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