Bills Win!….How Odd.

To call myself a fan of the Bills is a bit of a stretch, but over the last year I’ve been paying wary attention to their shenanigans.  I think we can all agree that last season was lame.  When they weren’t losing miserably, they were winning boringly.  It was an all-around bad scene.

I learned something amazing today:  I love the Bills when they don’t suck harder than any football team has ever sucked in the history of sucking!

Today was the first game I’ve seen the Bills play where they both won convincingly and didn’t make me think “football is such a boring sport” while doing so.  I didn’t see all the games last year (maybe there were some that weren’t so bad), but really the only ones I remember involved freakish last minute losing and necks breaking on the field, so really, there wasn’t much place to go but up in my mind.

Three things:

1.  I watched the game over at Jeannine and Dinesh’s house and first we ate nachos and then we ate apple crisp.  It was rainy and fall-like and wonderful.

2. There is nothing more hilarious than a faked field goal touchdown.

3.  I’m T-O-T-A-L-L-Y smitten with Trent Edwards.  This Trent Edwards appreciation has been building for a few weeks now, and I reeeeally wish I had said something about this earlier because now it’s going to seem like I only like him because of his snazzy game today.  I’m not going to lie, the snazzy game was awesome (and alluring), but the real reason I like Trent Edwards is because I feel like if Hollywood was casting a movie and the description of the movie was, “Self possessed rookie quarterback unites a ragtag group of overachievers to bring victory and joy to a struggling blue collar community”- Trent Edwards might actually be the guy you’d hire to play the role of the quarterback.  I’m not saying that I think he will lead the Bills to constant uplifting victory, but I’m saying he really looks the part.  I like that about him.  It was cool how J.P. was always picking up the trash on the Eastside, but all he really inspired in me was a general sense of, “I should considering joining in to help keep Buffalo clean….maybe I’ll plant a tree.”  Trent Edwards, on the other hand, makes me want to watch the Bills.


1 Response to “Bills Win!….How Odd.”

  1. 1 karen September 8, 2008 at 8:48 am

    It’s looking more and more like you might make a *real* Buffalonian, after all…if that’s not something you want, I’d move now. :)

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