Yes Way!

There is a joyfulness surrounding the Sabres now that just wasn’t there last year.  Sure, starting the season 6-0-1 will create some joy, but their new attitude was evident even on opening night.  These Sabres are more confident, and it’s visible from the stands.

Last night was the first time this season that I realized that I feel some of the same confidence that the Sabres are exhibiting.  The come-from-behind was a surprise, but I didn’t absorb it with the same kind of incredulous disbelief as I would have last year; instead, I simply sat on the couch, giggling happily.  This year, I don’t start writing the end of my game day blog post until the game is totally over.

The Sabres really didn’t deserve to win last night, but frankly, neither did the Wild, and the Sabres made them pay.  Last year it seemed like the Sabres were constantly fighting against themselves, this year much of that nonsense is gone, and the Sabres can focus on beating the other team.

I know it’s a long season, and we have barely just begun, but MAN it’s great to watch such a strong start.


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