I have SO MUCH to do you guys.  The BPO season is wrapping up this afternoon, and then on Tuesday I’m headed off to Bat Shack Camp. As of right now, I’m TOTALLY unprepared to leave town for two weeks, and I have a LOT of music to learn.  So, my plan was to get up early and get some work done.

I did get up early, but I failed to get any work done.  Rather than check a single thing off my redonkulously long “to do” list, I decided that I would spend a few minutes sprucing up the blog a bit while I drank my coffee.

Three hours later, after reading almost the ENTIRETY of my archives from the last year, I have made the following improvements to this blog:

1. I updated and combined the “About TWC” and “FAQ” pages and renamed it “Aboot”.  I’ve been meaning to do this for roughly one million years, so I’m glad it’s done, but I realize that it makes almost ZERO difference to anyone but me. So…that was time well spent.

2. I’ve officially ended the Helmet Nuzzle Project.  Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who contributed delightful helmet nuzzles.  I have all the pictures stored safely in a file on my desktop, and I have every intention of one day doing something FABULOUS with them once I figure out what that fabulous thing is and I have a good chunk of free time.  I’m sorry that I haven’t done anything yet.

3.  I swapped out a lot of the “Favorite Posts” entries.  I was getting a little depressed looking at that list because most of the posts were written ages ago.  When I first started TWC I was so creatively envigorated by the Sabres and hockey blogging that it was easy to churn out decent material, but over the last year or so, I think I’ve struggled a bit.  This morning I sat down with the intention of finding a decent post written in the last year, and I discovered a few things:

-I had a good stretch in mid-March.  Three of the posts that I added to “Favorites” (Coach Killing, Please Come Home, and Lindy and Buffalo) were all written in one week.  They all have a different tone, but they all are reflect a sort of “rock bottom” as a fan.  When I think about that stretch of time I remember myself being miserable about the Sabres, so it’s interesting to note that I was apparently fairly inspired by the Sabres’ suckitude.

-I added “Poor Timmy” which I think is a pretty funny post, and I added “Sabres @ Leafs 1/1/09: Special “Fuck You, Sabres” Edition” which is a good example of the ranting lunatic that the Sabres reduced me to this season.

-Reading through the archives for the 2008/09 season was quite interesting both from a blogging perspective and from the perspective of a fan.   If you write a hockey blog I highly recommend that you read your archives because you might be surprised by what you find.  Without this blog as a record, I probably would have summed up the last season as “meh,” so it’s just fascinating to find all sorts of evidence that I WAS fully engaged with the Sabres last season.  It’s kind of cool how our emotions surrounding sports are all-consuming and TOTALLY fleeting at the same time.

4. Could I BE any more obsessed with myself today?  I just spent the last three hours reading every word I wrote about a HOCKEY team last year, and then I spent 45 minutes writing this post telling YOU all about my experience reading about MYSELF.  I’m pathetic, and I really need to get on with my day.  Heh.


8 Responses to “Housekeeping”

  1. 1 Schnookie June 14, 2009 at 11:23 am

    Wait, it’s BAT SHACK CAMP time already? Where has the year gone???

    I’m glad you had fun sifting through your archives, Katebits (and I noticed everything looked sprucier around here — that “Aboot” page makes all the difference). I have to say, though:

    t’s just fascinating to find all sorts of evidence that I WAS fully engaged with the Sabres last season.

    I’m glad that you found that out, but dammit, I will NOT take your advice and go through my own blog archives. I don’t want to know how engaged I was or wasn’t with my stupid team this year! Just because YOU wanted more than “meh” doesn’t mean the rest of us are such gluttons for punishment! :P (Although I could have told you that TWC was just as awesome this year as last.)

  2. 2 Katebits June 14, 2009 at 11:27 am

    But Schnookie, trust me, you DO want to read your archives! I’m telling you, it’s not as bad as you think it’s going to be! :P I bet you had LOTS of fun games this year, and I KNOW your blog was chugging along splendidly.

    But thanks for saying nice things about TWC. I don’t think it was as good as the first year, but it wasn’t all poop. It was a LOT crankier, obvy.

  3. 3 Pookie June 14, 2009 at 11:52 am

    It’s kind of cool how our emotions surrounding sports are all-consuming and TOTALLY fleeting at the same time.

    When you put it that way, I’m so glad I have a blog to keep track of that stuff!

    Also, I love the spruced up TWC! And I love that you spent almost four hours with TWC rather than doing a stinky to-do list. Those kids at Bat Shack Camp won’t notice if you don’t know the music. I mean, you’re there to teach them, right? So use the new teaching method of “learning along side them”. Heh.

  4. 4 Katebits June 14, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    When you put it that way, I’m so glad I have a blog to keep track of that stuff!

    Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to say! I read the archives with my mouth agape all, “Wait, I CARED about this past season?!” I DID care, at times quite passionately! I doubt that it’s at all important to be able to recall the specifics of my personal experience with a basically forgettable hockey season, but it’s kind of interesting in retrospect.

  5. 5 Sam June 14, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    Say hi to all the Batshackers for me! Sorry I won’t be there for a repeat hijacking this year…

  6. 6 Caroline June 14, 2009 at 5:23 pm

    It is pretty neat to go back and read old blog posts after the season has come to an end.

  7. 7 mcguffers June 14, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    I’m half out of it, but when I first saw Bat Shack Camp, I thought it said Bat Shit Crazy. I was gonna call you a bit OCD if you actually plan out your trips to insanity.

    And I gotta say, this place was looking like a bit of a train wreck, but now that you have the “Aboot” tab, I’m quite impressed with the way you’ve turned it around! :D

  8. 8 Katebits June 14, 2009 at 6:36 pm

    Sam, I’m SO SAD that you won’t be there this year. I think you should still guest post. It’s that time of year!

    mcguffers, ;^::::::::: I’ve been so embarrassed by this dump. “Aboot” really does class the place up a bit.

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