I Should Be Asleep

Holy buckets, you guys.  I am pooped.

I had SUCH big plans for blogging today, but then everything got all haywire with the Canada/Switzerland hockey game, and I had NO energy left by the time the figure skating rolled around.  So, instead of liveblogging, I snarked on Twitter.

I really did mean to do a liveblog of the men’s figure skating, and I TRIED but the very first guy was wearing a blue top and black pants.  That’s it.  I mean, honestly.  How am I supposed to write about that?

A few thoughts:

– The hockey game was electrifying.  Hiller was a revelation, and the Swiss team really stood tall.  I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by Olympic hockey so far.  Sure, it’s nice to see Miller in the spotlight, but the hockey hasn’t been that interesting.  But THIS game felt like a triple overtime playoff game.  So exciting, so fun, so under-doggy.

– I like how there are Olympic rings on the top of the goal nets.

– I admit it. I was cheering for Plushenko.  I’m not even sure why, because I can certainly see that he’s disgusting in almost every way.  The heart wants what the heart wants, I guess.  My friend Mike says Plushenko looks like the pirate with one eye from Pirates of the Caribbean, otherwise known as Gareth from the British Office.  When I protested that Plushenko is much more menacing than that guy, Mike said, “Plus, he’s got both eyes and he’s not a pirate.”  To which I said, “He might be a pirate.  You don’t know.”

– I’m thinking, if Olympic hockey wants to be on television maybe it should consider adding commercial breaks. This seems like a ridiculous no-brainer to me.


2 Responses to “I Should Be Asleep”

  1. 1 elise February 19, 2010 at 10:27 am

    Plushenko is the key to our gold in 2014.

  2. 2 Sam February 19, 2010 at 11:01 am

    ewwww Plushenko is gross. I never liked him and I am SO happy that Evan beat him! THe guy that I like NEVER wins figure skating- he always gets beat by some damn Russian! heh.

    It was a good competition last night..

    I have yet to see any Olympic hockey- clearly the schedulers did not consult me when they planned things. GRR.

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