7 Things

1. I’m not sure how many times you guys can stand to hear me say “I can’t believe we’re going to the playoffs,” but for realio…….WOOOOO!   As a relatively new fan, I have no frame of reference for this.  The Sabres clinched a playoff berth and they still have eight games to play?  Whaaa?  I haven’t looked at this site at all this year.  Is spring still going to come even if I’m not obsessively praying that other loathsome NHL teams lose so that the Sabres playoff hopes stay alive?

This is just so WEIRD!  The Sabres are going to the playoffs!  What IS this happy hockey-related feeling in my heart?  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

2.  HOW ABOUT THAT TYLER ENNIS?!  Holy buckets.  I’ll join in with the chorus of people who are vocally praying that he stays up for Buffalo for the duration of the regular season.   I don’t quite understand how the roster works during the playoffs (I think there’s an expanded roster?  Something like that?), and I don’t care.  For the time being, let’s make room for Tyler Ennis.

It’s too bad we didn’t see more of Ennis during the regular season because it’s kind of kooky to suggest he should be on the playoff roster at this stage.  BUT, we’ve got eight games to study him and argue about him.  (Provided at least one of our injured players stays hurt.  I would urge Darcy to personally injure one of them if that’s what it takes to buy the time necessary to figure Ennis out.)  Wouldn’t it be fun if he turned out like Tyler Myers?  A fully functional NHLer, fresh out of the draft-womb, just in time for a playoff run?

3. In addition to being good at hockey, Tyler Ennis already has a KILLER nickname.  “Ennis the Menace” is a GREAT name, especially for a small blond player.   Just think of the fun we can have watching his opponents shaking their fist at him and bellowing “Ennnnissss!”

4. Tyler Ennis, if you need a place to stay while in Buffalo, you can totally stay at my house.  You can have your own room, and I’ll cook you meals, and I’ll mostly stay out of your way except to occasionally veto the skankiest puck bunnies.  The only downside is that you’ll have to park your car on the street, I get to keep control of the television remote, no loud music, and I’m going to need you to do some light handyman work around the house.  (How good are you at roofing?)

5. I’ve gone back and forth and back and forth about writing a detailed post about Patrick Lalime Boo-Gate, but I’m going to do the internet a favor and keep my thoughts to myself.  I wish the Sabres had done the same.  Heh.

6.  You know who I love?  Ryan Miller.  Also, Goose.  And Pommerdoodle.

7. Maybe it’s just because I’m a girl, and math is hard, but I find all the “magic number” talk to be HUGELY confusing.  Way back in the day when I was a baseball fan (and a child), I had my arms all the way around the concept.  I understood it fully.  But with hockey, and with hockey’s system of points, it makes absolutely no sense.  I’m just taking the internet’s word that the Sabres have clinched a playoff berth.  Truthfully, I don’t get it at all.

3 Responses to “7 Things”

  1. 1 Tom Eremondi March 29, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    Tyler Ennis – 3 pts in 2 games. Drew Stafford – 3 pts in 13 games. Darcy/Lindy: did you read this?

  2. 2 Heather B March 29, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    Yes! I completely get magic numbers in baseball. Did my team win? Did the other team lose? It all makes perfect sense. In hockey there’s a billion factors include those lousy three point games. I just wait for people to tell me the important stuff there.

    I already Tyler to stay with us. He has to sleep on a mattress on the floor but no housework.

  3. 3 Matt March 30, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    Roster restrictions are not so bad, really. There are some rules that apply at all times during the season, and one that changes. Before you can understand them though, we gotta define a couple terms.

    The “Skating Roster” is the players that dress for a game.

    The “Active Roster” is the total number of players assigned to the club, plus any guys on temporary conditioning assignments to the minor league affiliate. This does NOT include guys listed on the Injured Reserve and Long Term Injury (IR/LTI).

    At all times:

    1) Teams must dress a skating roster of 20 for each game. (Typically 18 skaters and 2 goaltenders, but there are exemptions.)

    2) The total payroll of all players that appear on the active roster, the IR and the LTI (long term injured list) must be below the salary cap. This is checked daily.

    3) The total number of players under contract to the team (all active players, plus all those in the minors, on IR, etc) is capped at 50 during the season. Essentially, if you pay them, they count. A notable quirk is that 18- and 19-year-olds in the Canadian Major Juniors that play less than 11 games are exempted from this list. That’s where the 10-game limit on new draftees comes in.

    4) The total number of “reserved” players may not exceed 90. This includes all 50 under contract, plus any other unsigned players that clubs have the rights to. Typically, unsigned draft picks and college players make up the rest.

    From Opening Day to the Trade Deadline:

    5) Teams must maintain an “Active Roster” of between 20 and 23 players. This does NOT include players on the IR/LTI.

    After the Trade Deadline and into the Playoffs:

    6) The “Active Roster” limit is removed. You can carry as many players as you want as long as the first four conditions are still met: no more than 50 contracts, no more than 90 reserves players, you meet salary cap, and you dress exactly 20 per game.

    The Active Roster rule is relaxed after the trade deadline because minor injuries to players (meaning not serious enough for IR/LTI) could prevent a team from putting a full roster on the ice and adversely affect everybody’s playoff standings.

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