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5 Things

1. Guess what I bought at Wegmans today?  Mums.  Nothing says fall like mums.  HOCKEY IS PRACTICALLY HERE.

photo 2

Don’t they just make you want to pull on a sweater and drink a warm cup of tea?

2. I originally wrote a bunch of stuff about the current round of “blog vs. MSM” that has taken the blogosphere by storm, but you know what?  ….meh.   This is not my fight, and it doesn’t even apply to me because I’m a fan blogger, not a journalist.  So, I wish you well, bloggers-who-want-to-be-journalists.  Godspeed.

I get frustrated by this conversation because I think the struggle to get bloggers into the press box tends to devalue what I love most about sports blogs.  Creativity, humor, the frustrations of fandom, and personal perspective are all things that have nothing to do with access to the team.

Consider for a moment how the DARLING of hockey blogs, the one that can do no wrong and that has received accolades from every corner of the MSM (rightly so), is Down Goes Brown. Down Goes Brown is the the fan-iest fan blog in all of fandom, and as far as I know, he does not write from the press box.   For me, Down Goes Brown is an example of fan blogging at it’s finest.  It has nothing to do with press passes and locker room quotes, and everything to do with creativity, imagination, and heartfelt writing motivated by a genuine love of the subject matter.  The things that I love most about Down Goes Brown are the very things that make him unsuitable for the press box.  In my opinion, it’s more than a fair trade.

3. It’s a long story, but I am currently in possession of a wedding gift that will eventually be delivered to my friend Jonathan and his new wife.  The gift is not from me, it’s from my friend Varty.  Varty was having trouble figuring out how to mail the gift, so, when when I saw her at Apple Hill she asked me to bring it back to Buffalo and deliver it to Jonathan (who lives in Buffalo).

The actual gift is all wrapped up in cardboard, but the card (created by the Varty’s 7-year-old daughter) is visible on top.  Tell me this isn’t the cutest wedding card EVER:

photo 1

I’m thinking about stealing the card for myself.

4. At some point this summer, someone on Twitter linked to a funny little writing tool called Ommwriter.  (I think it was Joe Posnanski, but I’m hesitant to accuse him of promoting something so cheesy without being 100% sure…)  Ommwriter is a text processor.  I mostly like it because it takes over the whole computer screen while it’s on.  Meaning, while I’m using Ommwriter, I don’t see new email alerts, I don’t see the Facebook tab, and no tweet can reach me.  I’m far far FAR less distracted by all of the time wasters that live in my computer while using Ommwriter.

The *cheesy* part of Ommwriter is that while you type it plays dreamy music and makes little twinkly noises with every keystroke.  It’s, like, the zen garden of word processing.  At first I was skeptical.  I mean, I’m cheesy, but I’m not THAT cheesy.  But I’ve got to admit, this tool has really helped me get back into the swing of writing every day.

It’s got its downsides- it’s only for Mac (I know there is something similar for windows called CreaWriter, but I haven’t used it), it has very limited font and text options, and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to open a new document- but I really do feel more focused on what I’m writing when I use this program.  I’ve had a hard time getting myself to sit down and write this summer, so I’ll take any help I can get.

5. Last night at about 9:30pm, for the first time in at least a year-and-a-half I decided to watch some tennis.  I happened to turn to the US Open right as Andy Roddick was pitching a complete hissy-fit about a foot fault (which he TOTALLY committed).  Andy Roddick is a turd, and watching him lose to Tipseravic was deeeelightful.  Sports are fun.

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