Should I Watch? (dot com)

I’ve whined MANY times on this blog about how DVRed losses are roughly 45,000 times more annoying than ordinary losses.  There’s something about carefully avoiding the score, and then setting aside time to watch the game shielded from the computer (and all of its accompanying spoilers), that makes a DVRed loss extra irksome.  I always feel embarrassed for myself after I watch a DVRed loss because the time commitment is so much longer.

(On a related note: It’s now almost impossible for me to get through a BPO work night without hearing the score from someone.  Basically, I have to shut off my phone to avoid texts and hide in a bathroom stall at BPO intermissions to avoid my coworkers.)

On Friday I had a non-BPO gig, so it was easy to avoid the score of the Ottawa game, and I made it all the way home unspoiled. After a few minutes of watching I had a veeerrrry bad feeling, not just about the game, but also about my ability to process a loss with grace.  That’s when I remembered a valuable link sent to me on my birthday by my friend Steve:

“Should I Watch?” is a website where you enter the game you’ve recorded and your “pain threshold” and then it tells you if you should watch.  Let me tell you, IT ROCKS.

For the LOVE OF GOD, do NOT watch, Katebits!  NOOOOOOOOO!

I love that they ask me to set my “pain threshold”.  Calling it a pain threshold really caused me to stop and carefully consider my situation.  On Friday I was tired and it was late.  I’d say that Ottawa is the team most likely to send me into fits of everlasting despair.  After a little bit of soul-searching, I had to admit that my pain threshold was very low.

Thanks to, I was spared the horrible sight of Daniel Alfredsson scoring a hat trick on our ice.    Instead of being tortured by the game AND disgusted with myself for staying up so late watching a total clunker, I turned off the television and went to sleep.  Instead of killing myself on Friday, I got to live to see the Sabres beat up on a comically effed up Devils team on Saturday.  Thanks, Should I Watch!

TWC approved!

If you don’t see it, it can’t hurt you (as much).

3 Responses to “Should I Watch? (dot com)”

  1. 1 TheTick October 25, 2010 at 6:52 am

    I track the games I’m not watching on my phone, and I’ll go so far as to cover up the opposing team’s score if I get a scoring alert, and ignoring it if it wasn’t Buffalo who scored.

    It was pretty funny with the Bills game yesterday – first alert i looked at, they were already up by 14. By the time I get to a TV, they are somehow DOWN 10. Then they tie it up. Crazy.

  2. 2 SueInVA October 25, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    I forgot to record on Saturday. I went to see a movie. As my friend and I are walking to her car trying to get past our annoyance at the yaking during the movie the “ladies” behind us did, I remembered I should use my hockey news app to check the score. So then I was in a hurry to get home. I have center ice so I recorded the rebroadcast and rewatched in the morning. When I turned off my recording I discovered another rebroadcast was on so I watched some of it again! I guess I was storing up!!!

  3. 3 mcguffers October 26, 2010 at 11:57 am

    Best. Website. Ever. That sucker could have saved me some pain and suffering over the years.

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