6 Things

1. You may have noticed that I’ve changed my blogging philosophy this season.  After years of working under the mission statement of, “Writing everyday is a practice that is both enjoyable and healthy,” I’ve recently discovered the joys of, “Eff it.  The Sabres blow and life is too short.  Poor me another glass of boxed wine please.”  (Sidenote: Did you know that boxed wine has evolved significantly since the days of keeping Franzia in your fridge in college?  I can report that Sabres games are a LOT less annoying to watch when you stop counting your wine consumption in “bottles” and start counting it in “boxes”.)

2. I just spent about twenty minutes writing a detailed list of all the ways in which the World Junior Championship and Buffalo’s response to it are on my nerves, but I’m currently experiencing some doubt about whether I want to go full-blown crankypants about this issue.

I’ll just say this:  I have realized that if I want to have any hope of making it through this tournament with my sunny disposition intact, it is my own responsibility to stop looking at Twitter.  If I stop reading Twitter, the WJC will revert back to something I never ever think about, and then I might have the opportunity to attend some games with an open mind.  As of right now, I’m so turned off by the tone of the conversation around town that I’m resisting the urge to hate the World Juniors just on principle.

I like liking things, and I dislike being all grouchy and annoyed.  So, no Twitter it is.

World Juniors, I’ll see you on January 2nd.  I’ll try to have a better attitude about you by then.

3. I hosted Christmas this year, which was really a lot of fun, but after weeks missing games because of work or house related chores, by the time the Sabres/Calgary game came along on the 26th, I was pretty adamant that I wanted to watch it.   The original plan was to herd the whole family out to a bar, but my regular haunts were zany that night (Left Bank was closed.  CLOSED!), and so we wound up back at my house. This is how my entire family of non-Buffalonians, non-hockey fans wound up gathered around my television to watch the Calgary game.

Sadly, the game was boring and the lose-iness was palpable, but at least I got a good laugh from my family at the end when I quipped, “And that’s the sport and the team that changed my life forever! What a wonderful holiday treat that was for you!”

4. I’ll write more about this later, but it sure feels like this season is basically over for the Sabres.  Roy-Z is out for the year, and Crunchy is in some sort of “I just got engaged to a mega-hot starlet and I refuse to be cranky about anything, including the fact that my team blows” haze, and it feels like the entire organization is just waiting for Pegula to take over so they can see which lifetime-contracts will be honored and which ones will go up in smoke.

I’ve never experienced a season like this as a fan.  During the other non-playoff years the Sabres were in the playoff hunt until the last week of the season, so this dead-in-the-water sensation is something new.  What I’m learning is that the it’s perfectly possible to allow the Sabres to fade into the background of your life, and still enjoy a rich, satisfying existence.  I know!  It’s actually a very lovely life lesson.

I’m not at all in the mood to hate the Sabres these days, so, I won’t.

5. I’ve written a little in the past about how I love Sidney Crosby mostly because everyone else hates him.  (I think it’s hilarious how almost every hockey fan criticizes Sid for being boring and whining….while uniformly whining en masse about Sid.)  Sid is really cementing his place in my heart right now because not only is he infuriating his strongest detractors with his scoring streak, but he’s doing so with the ugliest mustache in the history of mustaches.  Delightful.

6. If you want an example of stellar, non-redonk coverage of the WJC, I highly suggest you keep a close eye on Andrew Kulyk over at Artvoice.  This piece about Kassian and Etem is a great read.

6 Responses to “6 Things”

  1. 1 Kate-O December 29, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    The super hot fiancee = non-cranky Crunchy equation had not even occurred to me until you pointed it out. That’s why you’re the superb analyst that you are.

    Also, I love Sid’s ugly mustache. It’s definitely the mustache and not the streak that is cementing his place in my heart.

  2. 2 PKB December 29, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    The World Juniors have been used by a lot of people to preach how they think fans ought to behave and that’s just so incredibly lame.

    Same thing happened with Etem. First you had people who criticized him intensely. Then other people chose to speak up and judge the people who criticized Etem. I just totally hate the conversation.

  3. 3 Katebits December 29, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    Thank you, Kate-O! I really noticed Crunchy’s sunny disposition this weekend, and it made me wonder if his power is not in his crankiness. It’s something to keep an eye on for sure.

    Word, PKB. Word.

  4. 4 Rebecca December 29, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    Whaaaaa??? Crunchy got engaged?!?! Where the eff have *I* been? Obviously not reading the right sources, for one. Now I have to look into this. And ITA about Sid’s mustache. Hee!

  5. 5 Kathleen December 30, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    Hee! You are so right about the Sidstache! It suggests he may possess a hitherto unsuspected sense of humor. As for Crunchy, well, at least it’s amusing to discover that he’s just a boy who gets hazy about nicely-shaped lady parts just like any other boy. Part of the Crunchy mythology for me was that he seemed sort of detached and above-it-all about that kind of thing. Heh. Guess not.

    The one plus* about the Sabres’ current situation is that they might finally think they need to try a little harder to deserve our love. Not on the ice, because presumably they’re doing that anyway, but with PR. I’m not looking for an awesome marketing campaign on par with the Sharks (though by all means, please feel free), but stop feeling like you own this town, brats. Maybe the Pegasaurus will rustle something up.

    (*I refuse to think of “draft pick” as a plus because no way will the Sabres be in such bad shape by the end of the season. No way. Please.)

  6. 6 Shauna December 30, 2010 at 8:04 pm

    I would like to hear your take on WJ’s. I hear Buffalo is doing a bang up job hosting and putting up with visitors from the north. Edmonton hosts next year and I hope I can get tickets to go.

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