5 Things

1. I LOVED last night’s game. Oh sure, the defense was terrible and our elite goaltender was butt-clenching-ly scary, and Lindy probably had at LEAST five strokes while yelling at the players in the locker room, but we all went home happy because the offense was great. Honestly, I wish all games were like that. Bad hockey is good hockey if you ask me.

2. I guess that game will really stop the goalie controversy in its tracks. Right? Heh.

3. Last night was my annual game with the work guys. We sat up in section 322 and had a grand old time. I LOVE the 300s because you can see evvvvvvverything unfolding on the ice, and frankly, the people up there are way more engaged (in both good and bad ways) than the people downstairs. From my regular seats you have to sort of make assumptions about things that are happening in certain corners of the ice (of course, you can also hear the Sabres talking, and if you time it perfectly, Vanek might see you wink as he skates by). What I HATE about the 300s are the concourses and the ridiculous elevator situation. You can barely move up there! When Ted Black first burst on the scene and everyone was constantly talking about the suggestion box, I remember scoffing at the non-stop requests for more escalators. It seemed like such a ridiculous request mostly because it’s probably pretty hard to just add escalators to an existing structure. I assume putting more escalators in the F’NA would be architecturally complicated and really expensive, but damn, GIVE THE PEOPLE SOME MORE ESCALATORS, TERRY PEGULA.

4. This has nothing to do with hockey, but I really can’t recommend this recipe highly enough. It’s quite easy to make, and it’s EFFING DELICIOUS. I found it in Cooking Light (so I assume it’s at least reasonably healthy), but it’s been recreated for our convenience on myrecipes.com. I’m single and I live alone, so when I make a dish I’m usually completely sick of eating it by the time it’s gone. I’ve been eating this chili for three days, and I’m thinking about eating it again for dinner (I had it for lunch). It’s a totally solid recipe, but you will improve your chances of ABSOLUTE SCRUMPTIOUSNESS by using this chili mix made by frequent Willful Caboose commenter and Ryan-Miller-skeptic, trevor.

5. This year at the BPO we’re doing an education concert geared towards 3-5th graders that’s all about Western New York. We play a bunch of music that is either inspired by this area, is important to this area, or is relevant to something that happened here in history. The concert starts with our conductor coming out on stage and starting the Sabre Dance without introduction. I think this is a good concert beginning to end, but man, I really can’t tell you how fun it is to see little kids (and teachers!) shoot up in their seats when they are surprised by the familiar strains of Sabre Dance. I can’t believe I’m so lucky that I get to do this as part of my work day.


4 Responses to “5 Things”

  1. 1 Alissa (@aristeia) November 9, 2011 at 6:19 pm

    That concert sounds amazing! I would love to go, wish I could. Perhaps after you’ll post what music you played so I can live vicariously that way?

  2. 2 Sabres in Seven November 9, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    First of all, every time you post about the BPO I get insanely jealous. I think my favorite memory of high school was the side by side concert I did with them. Then I went to college for music and now I’m all orchestra-d out. Dammit.

    The 300’s are shockingly not crowded until the first intermission. It was amazing how many people were NOT walking around when I was getting food and whatnot at 645. However, I can’t help but feel each season the hallways get smaller up there. Or everyone is getting fatter?

  3. 3 Kitten November 10, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal….

  4. 4 trevor November 13, 2011 at 11:55 am

    Hey KB, thanks for the money plug and link to my spice mix! And I’m glad you liked it!!

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