Raffle Results!!

I have some very important announcements to make!

Drum roll, please….

The WINNERS of the Catwalk for Charity raffle ARE:

1. The first place winner was Melina B, and she and a guest will be attending the Catwalk for Charity! Yaaaaaay!

Melina, my advice to you is as follows:

  • Plan ahead! Get yourself a designated driver or a taxi.
  • Enjoy the open bar juuuust enough to get braver about approaching the Sabres but not so much that you act like a fool in front of them.
  • Do NOT be shy about walking right up to Sabres and asking for a picture with them. It’s their only job at the Catwalk! Every single one of them is super nice about it! And get a picture with Rick and Harry while you’re at it!

2. The winner of the second place prize was actually my friend Elise K. Now, it’s hiillllarious that Elise won because, a.) She lives in New Hampshire and b.) She’s a Bruins fan, and c.) The only prize she cared about at ALL was the one where I call her from the stage while we play Sabres Dance, and d.) The only reason she and her boyfriend (the incomparable, MK) even bought raffle tickets was because they pitied me after the shootout loss to the Bruins on the 23rd. (I’m not kidding. Immediately after that game was over they both bought 5 raffle tickets, which was both incredibly sweet and totally amusing.)

So, Elise graciously donated her 2nd place prize back to the pool of potential winners, and (drumroll, please…)

MARY S is the winner of the Sabres tickets! WOOOOOO!

3. Elise is a professional classical musician and has played in many orchestras herself, so while she WILL be receiving a call from the stage from me, I decided to also draw a 4th place winner as well. So, SHANNON V, will be getting a personal performance of Sabres Dance via phone!


I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, everyone who bought a raffle ticket for this contest. The Steadfast Foundation supports a truly wonderful cause, and I’m proud of the money that we raised ($425! Not too shabby)! So, thank you, readers. I wish I could send you all to the Catwalk, but this year we’re going to have to live vicariously though Melina. Do us proud, Melina.

2 Responses to “Raffle Results!!”

  1. 1 Suzanne K. Taylor November 28, 2011 at 6:35 pm

    Excellent advice on the Catwalk – also, be prepared to spend some money on some awesome auction items! My brother got a bubble hockey table where all of the players are current Sabres, the entire team signed the rink surface, and Rick Jeanneret calls the game. Or you can get almost anything with Miller’s autograph on it. Also, definitely get a photo with Ryan Miller’s Dad – he has more fun at this event than anybody!

  2. 2 elise November 28, 2011 at 9:53 pm

    I couldn’t be more excited if I won an Oscar!!!!!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!! Called from the Stage!!!! Praise be to Goose and the Sabres! And, of course, Katebits! HOOOORRRRRAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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