6 Things: Spoonful of Sugar Edition » AP Ireland Rhino

I maintain that it’s impossible to look at this picture and remain grouchy about something as stupid as hockey. Especially if you at a little baby rhino voice in your head that is saying something like, “Doo dee doo. Ooooh, is that some olive bread I see over there? I best go scamper over and investigate. Tra la la!”

The latest addition to Dublin Zoo, a female Southern White Rhinoceros runs in an enclosure as she was unveiled to the public at the zoo in Dublin Wednesday June 4, 2008. Years of plotting and patience by keepers at Dublin Zoo has paid off after they successfully bred one of the world’s endangered animals. (AP Photo/ Niall Carson, PA) ** UNITED KINGDOM OUT NO SALES NO ARCHIVE ** ORG XMIT: LON802

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