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The Right Decision, The Wrong Way?

I am very sad about the turn of events that have occurred for Teppo Numminen since yesterday. During his pre-season physical it was discovered that he needs heart surgery, and then, to top off a surely delightful day, he was suspended by the Sabres for “failing to report to camp in good physical condition.” I am sure that the decision to suspend Teppo was the best option for the Sabres from a business standpoint, but I still hate it. I find it impossible to believe that there couldn’t have been a more dignified and respectful response to Teppo’s situation. At the very least, the announcement of his suspension should have been handled with a lot more class. Truthfully, I am fully confused about the whole situation. There are all sorts of contractual issues going on here, and I certainly can’t claim to understand the full scope of the issue. Hopefully, it’s not as bad as it seems, and Teppo will be healthy and back on the ice soon.

On a personal note, I’m really depressed that when I read this article in The Buffalo News, my immediate response was to wonder how many layers of bullshit I had to remove before I got to the truth of the matter. I’m not a journalist and I have never studied journalism. I go back and forth on the issue of whether I should pay any attention to sports journalism. In the great scheme of things, sports are not important, not like, oh say, an unwinnable war or anything; but still, I think sports play a huge role in how the Buffalo community relates to itself. In Buffalo, our sports teams are probably the single most unifying (or divisive) issue we have. The Buffalo News just seems so heavy handed and intent on attacking the Sabres organization that I simply don’t trust them to provide accurate information. For all I know, The Buffalo News might be right about this one, but due to their hatchet job covering the captain’s departure, they no longer have any credibility with me.

So, what we have is a bad newspaper intent on skewering an organization with really bad P.R. skills, and the result is a gigantic pile of crap. In order to cover my bases and spread the frustration around, I will just say:

Eff you, Buffalo News. Eff you, Sabres management. I’m sick of all you guys. Pull your shit together.


But most importantly, get well, Teppo!

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