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Shorthanded Goals Against Make Me Sleepy

Hey y’all, why don’t you go check out Part II of the ModFan Season Preview?  Git!

3 Things

1.  I (hiLARiously) won the football pool at work, and in doing so immediately became the Annoying Chick In The Football Pool Who Wins Despite Knowing Nothing About Football.  I promise to represent the title well during my reign.  I swear to be as obnoxious as possible as I taunt my coworkers with my awesome decision making system which involved following internal debate: “Who would win in a fight, a bronco or a saint?  A saint has pious righteousness on his side, but a bronco has four wheel drive and optional leather seating.  Hm.   I think the bronco would win easily.”  Apparently it was my pick of the Jaguars over the Colts that clinched my win, which is kind of cool because that was a pick I actually tried to get right by using adult reasoning- that reasoning being, “Wasn’t everyone all worked up because the Bills beat Jacksonville last week?  Jacksonville is supposed to be good. I think the Jags have to win eventually…..and Payton Manning has a bitch face……plus, a colt is no match for a jaguar.”

2.  Bucky Gleason wrote a column (which I refuse to link to because TBN doesn’t keep their archives up and I hate having dead links in my posts) under the headline, “Difficult to be inspired by lackluster performance”.  Really, Bucky?  I think it’s easy.  The column is vintage Bucky.  First he begrudgingly praises the team for the win, then he sagely and condescendingly dispenses advice to the fans to avoid enjoying the win too much, and then he grumps (with juuuust enough validity) about the the mistakes from first the three quarters, and then he completely ignores the rather remarkable manner in which Trent Edwards comported himself in the final ten minutes.  You know, I’m not sure Bucky “gets” sports.  If I can’t enjoy a fun come-from-behind win in which our rookie quarterback looks like a grizzled vet, why on earth would I even be watching football?  I know it’s not Bucky’s job to be a fan, but is it really his job to be a total pill?  I’m concerned that it is.

As far as the headline goes, I happen to have an email from Bucky in my inbox archives in which he personally explains to me that the columnists don’t write their own headlines.  I’ve always been confused about this little bit of publishing protocol.  It seems to me that the headline is rather important and that journalists would feel strongly about how their articles are perceived “at a glance,” but I’m sure there is a good reason that a third party writes the newspaper headlines.  I can only assume that if Bucky could have written his own headline it would have read, “Please Send Help.  The Buffalo News has Kidnapped Me and Locked Me in a Dark, Dank Basement.  I Have No Contact With the Outside World.  I’m Totally Out of Touch.  Please Call the Authorities.”  No wonder TBN insists on writing his headlines!  Poor Bucky!

3.  ModFan is back!  Please go read our Eastern Conference Season Preview right away!  (If you are horrified by the thought of reading another season preview, fear not.  Our team-by-team season preview has a rather pleasant twist:  It’s very short.)

ModFan is Back

Listen up, yo! I know we’ve been lazy, but ModFan is still alive. We’ve all written posts about the 5 Things We Loved/5 Things We Hated about this past hockey season. You can read Pookie’s post here, and Schnookie’s post here. Patty, Heather, and I will all post later in the week.

I just had the weirdest deja-vu.  Have I written this exact post before?

To Stupidity and Beyond: Blob Costas Now

I would like to direct your attention here, where we tackle the Buzz Bissinger meltdown, ModFan-style.

Chicketty Check It

I’m having a busy day and I won’t be watching the game tonight, so in lieu of TWC content, I will direct your attention to ModFan, where the Ookies and I recently had a conversation about the top-secret spy skillz of Drew Stafford. (spoiler alert!) He’s, um,  not a very good spy.

3 Little Things

Pommers Halo

A perfect gentleman

1. Yay! Pommers is nominated for the Lady Byng. Between Crunchy writing a blog that is basically a hilarious confirmation of all the personality traits we’ve assigned to him, and Pommerdoodle being nominated for what is essentially a “nice guy” award, I’m getting more and more confident that Paul Gaustad actually speaks in HONKS.

2. I love this commercial.

I love this commercial partially because of the appealing music, and partially because of how it’s edited together to look like one long play, but I love it mostly because of the Jagr pass at the 00:47 mark. I tend to get up and wander around the apartment during hockey commercial breaks, but every time I hear this music I zip back to the television so I can see that little soft pass. I don’t know why I love that pass so much.

3. We did a Round One Round-Up Round Table over at ModFan, so go take a peek for our assessment of the first round playoff action.

Announcing ModFan!

In our quest to fill the internet to the brim with hockey chatter, Heather, Patty, Pookie, Schnookie, and I have joined forces on a group blog. I am pleased to announce the arrival of ModFan! Yes, I know! It’s really, really exciting! You SHOULD be jumping up and down and squealing!

Our plan is this:

1. Talk a lot about hockey and hockey issues
2. Publish some of the stuff we talk about
3. Gain influential, monetary, and spiritual control of the hockey blogosphere
4. World domination

You can expect ModFan to look and read something like this:

Katebits: So, what’s the deal with Cujo? Can I love him without reservation?
Pookie: NOOOOOO!
Schnookie: No. Never. DO NOT LOVE CUJO.
Katebits: Too late. I love Cujo

Get ready, world.  Heh.

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