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SabreCast #5: Now With More Crickets!

Well, Heather and I decided to dust off the podcasting gear, and we got together and recorded a “podcast” yesterday afternoon.  Trouble is, it’s mid-August, and there’s not much going on Sabre-wise.  Good thing Heather and I don’t mind doing an entire podcast about how there is nothing to podcast about.   Don’t worry.  It’s only five minutes long.

We debated whether or not to even publish this one.  It’s….comically devoid of value.  We have some technical issues:  Heather’s air conditioner is an active participant, and I completely forgot how to use my editing software since our last podcast.  In addition to the lack of intelligent material, the ambient noise, and the fussy editing, I use the word “totally” about eleventy million times, and I ruin almost every second of dialog with my incessant giggling.  (I swear I’m 33 years old.)  Have I mentioned it’s only five minutes long?

Here’s what happened: We got together, we quickly realized that although we were having a grand old time we were not feeling inspired or creative enough to come up with any good podcasting material, I went home, and then I spent hours obsessively editing everything away until the entire postcast was whittled down to almost nothing.  Then I added cricket noises.

Thankfully, it’s only five minutes long.

I think there is some method of subcribing to SabreCast on itunes, but I don’t know what it is.  That’s Heather’s area of expertise.  My area of expertise is cricket technology.

More SabreCasts!

Heather and I have two more SabreCasts for your listening pleasure. We recorded two in one sitting on Tuesday night. They are mirror images of each other, with one key difference: The first is titled “It’s All Bad” and the second is titled “It’s All Good.” We’ve long been talking about doing an “all positive” SabreCast, but on the eve of the playoffs (when we recorded these) it was pretty hard to ignore the whole, oopsies-we-missed-the-playoffs issue. We decided to record two podcasts covering the same material, first cranky, and then optimistic. It’s interesting how we were able to switch easily from disgusted to hopeful on the same topic. It seems the line between love and hate is very thin indeed when it comes to the Sabres.  Even though we took conflicting tones with identical subject matter, I think both podcasts reflect how I honestly feel.

SabreCast Episode 3: It’s All Bad

We really went to town on Soupy in this one. When I was editing this I had to laugh at how ferociously Heather and I have turned against Brian Campbell. I certainly can’t speak for her, but a lot of my Soupy-hate is probably just general Sabres-frustration…..but we’re stuck with the guys we still have, so it’s no fun hating them. Heh. Plus, in addition to Soupy being the scapegoat for all of my frustration, he’s also very genuinely ANNOYING. (Soupy so effectively proved our point in game one of the Sharks/Flames series that Heather and I are almost feeling guilty about bagging on him so harshly. Almost.) This podcast is pretty cranky. Listen to this one when you are feeling comically peeved.

SabreCast Episode 4: It’s All Good

This podcast is upbeat. Despite the crappy season, there is plenty of reason to hope. We refer a couple times to Crunchy’s locker clean-out day interview which we both agree was highly fabulous in a “this blows” kind of way. If you want to be filled with love for Crunchy, it’s a must see. Listen to this podcast if you are feeling hopeful.

SabreCast, Episode #2

I cannot beLIEVE the Sabres pulled that one off. No, that game wasn’t pretty, but whatever. I’ll take it.

Heather came over tonight and we watched the game. We were alternately appalled and amused. It was a messy night for the Sabres. Crunchy in particular put on quite the schizophrenic show; first by being Mr. Out-Of-Position-Pants, and then by being Mr. Badass-In-The-Shootout-Pants.

I’ve been pretty impressed with the Sabres’ pluckiness the last few days. Even now, at the end of a long, often frustrating season, I see a lot of reason to look towards the future with hope. I’ll admit, part of me just wants them to LOSE ALREADY, and put an end to this stressful misery, but mostly, I’m delighted that the Sabres are still in the game. DELIGHTED.

Two games to go, boys.

For your listening pleasure, we recorded the second SabreCast episode. It’s only 8 minutes long because that’s how we roll.

Introducing SabreCast!

1. First of all, the Montreal game never happened. Really. My spirit was officially broken on Tuesday. I’ll happily wath the rest of the games, but I can’t whip myself into a frenzy anymore. I’ve made my peace with the situation. I. can’t. deal. anymore.

2. Once the ladies over at IPB introduced their awesome podcast “The IPB Hour: Contents Will Be Less Then An Hour”, I knew it was only a matter of time before I had one too. I have, after all, pretty much made my way on the internet by stealing everything I can get my grubby little mitts on from IPB. Heh.

So, Heather B. and I put our heads together, and devised a podcasting plan. (By “plan” I mean, “just record everything we say for four hours and then erase the 3 hours and 47 minutes that are too insane to publish on the interwebs”.) She came over last night, we watched the game, and we recorded a bunch of nonsense. Then, I stayed up, practically ALL NIGHT trying to figure out how to use GarageBand. I was only partially successful. I got the audio together (the editing is pretty cluncky, but whatevs), but no matter WHAT I did, I couldn’t figure out how to get all the cute artwork visible outside of GarageBand. So, this is our goofy little podcast, sans artwork. Hopefully, we’ll get better at this as we bumble along.

It’s a little outdated already because we recorded it last night.

Introducing SabreCast!

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