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9 Things

1. I’m back (from camp), and I’m better than ever.

2. The end of Apple Hill usually coincides with start of the NHL free agency, which tends to contribute to my post-camp malaise. Leaving summer camp is sad, and watching other teams improve while the Sabres trot out Darcy for his bi-annual announcement about “building through the draft” doesn’t help matters at all. BUT THIS YEAR IS DIFFERENT! This year we have Richie Rich in our corner, and damn it, Terry Pegula gets his man. I honestly don’t have any idea what to expect, but I doubt I’ll be bored and/or horrified on July 1st this year.

3. On the other hand…. I know we’re all flush with excitement over the prospect of signing everyone and their mother on Friday, and lord knows it’s a good feeling, but I feel a responsibility to remind people that the free agent pool sucks donkey butt this year. It’s frustrating, but it’s true. (Yesterday I made a joke on Twitter wishing for the 2007 free agent pool instead of the 2011 free agent pool, and not only did no one laugh, but one person told me it was the most depressing tweet she’d ever read. Too soon?)

Brad Richards is going to command STUPID money, not because he’s worth stupid money but because he’s the best available option if you want to spend stupid money (which we kinda do).

So, the situation is a little confusing. Part of me wants the Sabres to just go nuts and get the best available guy, and another part of me is all, “Hold up. That’s the dumbest idea in the world.” Settling for the best available guy is how people (and teams) wind up in horrible, loveless marriages. We shouldn’t get married just for the sake of getting married. Is Brad Richards really the guy for us?  I dunno.

4. I appears that Steve Montador will be hitting the open market on Friday and this makes me feel hurt, angry, and confused.

5. Hey, thanks for waiving your no-trade clause, Robyn Regehr! We hope you like it here. We’ll do our best not to be too annoying (no promises there). Call me if you or any of your children need viola lessons.

6. The Flyers are fucking crazy. As in, C-R-A-Z-Y.

7.  The Honey Badger, aka Tenacious G, aka Lil’ Gerbs, aka Nathan Gerbe signed a very cap friendly, 3-year deal $4.3 million deal today. Honey Badger, call me if you ever need viola lessons.

8. The Sabres bought the Amerks and had a big happy press conference about it today.  Terry Pegula and Ted Black continue be all sassy and loveable and seemingly perfect in every way. We learned the following things:

  • Amerks season tickets are going to cost, like, 12 cents, so everyone should run out and purchase them as fast as you can.
  • We will now be referring to the Amerks as “The University of Hockey,” which is straight-up adorkable. I would like to offer my services teaching viola lessons as an elective credit to the future Sabres. I assume that the U of H understands the value of viola playing to young hockey players.
  • When (when, not if) the Sabres win the Cup, Rochester gets a parade too. Or… our parade might go all the way to Rochester. Something like that. The details of the parade will be worked out later, and this is already skating a waaaaaay too close to “planning the parade” for my tastes, so, moving on…

9. Every year at Apple Hill there is a hotly contested ping-pong tournament, the winner of which is awarded the “Apple Hill Cup”. I can’t believe I’ve never blogged about this before, because look at the Cup. We write the names of the winners on it and everything.

It's basically exactly the same as the Stanley Cup except it hasn't been befouled by the Bruins.



5 Things

1. I looooooOOOoooOOOOooved that game last night.  LOVED IT.  Beginning to end, it was thrilling and fun. I thought the game was riveting, I thought the Sabres were great, and I thought the crowd was totally invested.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people stay for the three stars before.  It felt like a playoff game.

2. Speaking of “three stars”… Jhonas Enroth.  Holy Toledo.  A million things have already been said about his wonderful game, and I’ll just say, “I agree with all of that.”  He was a DELIGHT last night.  To find out later that his parents were in town and watching him play in the NHL for the first time, man, it gives me chills.  I sit on the side of the arena where the Sabres shoot once, almost exactly on the goal line, so I had a lot of opportunity to watch Enroth.  I don’t think I’m a particularly good judge of goalie technique, but I was MEGA impressed with his physical demeanor in net.  Something about the way Jhonas shuffled around in the crease during the down times projected absolute calm and poise.  It was such a treat to be able to watch that performance.  Obviously, it was an important (and impressive) win for the team, but it was truly special to see such a young player shine so brightly.

3. I am EXTREMELY glad that we were all totally wrong when we spent the entire first half of the season screeching for Tim Connolly to be traded.  Timmy, I’m sorry I gave up on you entirely.  Thanks for returning to awesomeness exactly when we needed you most.  (This is likely the nicest I will ever be to you, so live it up, Timmeh.)

4. Honestly, I think that last night’s Rangers game was the most enjoyable game I’ve attended this season. It was stressful, it was exhilarating, and most of all, it was triumphant. As we were walking out of the arena Robin said, “That was totally cathartic.” One of the best things about going to the arena is leaving all of my other worries behind and devoting a few hours to hollering about the Sabres.

5. The “leave my worries behind” thing was especially helpful yesterday, because yesterday my worries included coming out to my car in the morning and seeing that all four of my hubcaps had been stolen, along with ALL OF THE LUGNUTS. It turns out that on my Honda Civic you have to remove the lugnuts in order to get the hubcaps off. This is great for the prevention of hubcaps theft, ASSUMING YOU DON’T ENCOUNTER SOMEONE FREAKISHLY DESPERATE FOR 2003 HONDA CIVIC HUBCAPS.  I dunno, maybe 2003 Honda Civic hubcaps were made out of solid gold and then painted a dull silver.

WTF. All four of my wheels looked like this.

Realizing that none of your wheels are attached to your car is disconcerting, to say the least.  Interestingly, my first reaction was to tweet about it.  (Actually, one thing I learned yesterday: Twitter has REALLY enhanced my ability to stay calm and good-natured during lame events. Almost instantaneously, I wanted to turn my extreme-lack-of-lugnuts into a funny story for Twitter. It helped me keep my cool, in a situation that could have VERY easily devolved into frustrated crying. This helped too.)  My second instinct was to call AAA.

Literal (sort of) translation of my conversation with AAA:

ME: Um, I have no lugnuts.
AAA LADY: Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that.  I’ll send a tow truck.
ME: Um… I don’t think a tow truck is going to help.
AAA LADY: Oh, trust me, they can tow anything.
ME: My car has no funtioning wheels.
AAA LADY: I’ll make sure they send a flatbed.
ME: Uh, unless that flatbed includes a crane and a gigantic pillow to set my wheel-less car upon, a flatbed won’t do it.
AAA LADY: Wait… you’re telling me ALL of your lugnuts are gone.
ME: Yes.
AAA LADY: Well, we don’t deliver lugnuts.

In the end, my dear, wonderful, awesome, crafty, fabulous-in-EVERY-WAY, friend Chuck (“cute boyfriend” of @reigningfrog) came to help me.  He drove my sorry butt to Pep Boys, he gathered up all of the jacks in town, he jacked my car up on FOUR jacks, and he successfully reattached all of my wheels, WITHOUT allowing my car to fall flat on her underbelly onto the ground.


Having your lugnuts stolen is lame.  I cannot recommend it AT ALL.  What I CAN recommend is having Chuck as a friend.  I consider myself extremely self sufficient, but this one was… a head-scratcher.  I needed help, and I needed someone to laugh with, and Chuck was up to the task.  THANK YOU, CHUCK.

4 Things

1. I am officially sick of my Twitter sabbatical.  It’s been interesting, it’s been good for me, but at this point I’m only staying off of Twitter because I said I would.  I needed a break from Twitter so I could recalibrate my “negativity sensors”.  Before this break, I was allowing too much crankiness to effect me.  I’d read ten tweets about the Sabres, and nine of them might’ve been totally positive, but I’d dwell on the tenth, crankiest tweet.  In this respect, the Twitter sabbatical has been a success.  I actually really do think that I’ll be more capable of ignoring the dumb shit now.  So, the sabbatical has been overall good.

HOWEVER, Twitter is legitimately useful and fun, for a variety of reasons, and I miss it.  There was a tiny part of me that thought maybe after a few days without Twitter I’d suddenly think, “Oooh, the world is sweeter, and more jolly Twitter-free!”  This has not been the case.  I’m looking forward to resuming my tweety ways on Saturday.

2. I will say this about living a more solitary Sabres existence: when you tell yourself ahead of time that you’re not going to get all grim about a potential loss, it actually totally works.   I thought the Sabres played well last night, all things considered.  I’m chalking that game up to, “You can’t win ’em all.”

3. I do have one serious complaint about the game.  A SERIOUS COMPLAINT.

If there were any justice in this world, Marc Poophead Fleury would have paid dearly for his obnoxious and stupid attempt to score on our empty net.  That puck absolutely should’ve ended up in the back of his net, and the Sabres absolutely should’ve capitalized on that momentum to then score AGAIN, and the entirety of the hockey world should ABSOLUTELY  be laughing and pointing today at Fleury today.  WE SHOULD ALL BE WATCHING THAT BLUNDER ON AN ENDLESS YOUTUBE LOOP, JUST LAUGHING AND LAUGHING.  But noooooooo, the Sabres (sans Olden Niedenheimer) were incapable of scoring yesterday.

I feel cheated and betrayed that such a gross display of showboating was not INSTANTLY and SEVERELY punished by the Hockey Gods.  Stupid stinky Sabres.

4. From the “I Live Like a 14-Year-Old Boy” Files:  I just ate lunch across from this mess which has been on my dining room table for over 36 hours now.

Two nights ago I decided to re-pot some plants, so I got out the dirt and went to work.  Ordinarily, this is something I would clean up right away (seeing as though it’s an actual pile of dirt on my main dining surface) but for some reason I failed to do so in this circumstance.  Now the dirt has become a point of amusement to me, and I find myself wondering how long I can stand to live with a pile of dirt on my table.  It’s almost a personal challenge at this point.

I’d like to say that my failure to clean this up has something to do with my desire for Spring and how the dirt (and my little dirt-scoop) make me feel like spring is right around the corner, but honestly, I think this would be a lie.  The dirt is there because two nights ago I was lazy.  The dirt is staying there because not only am I lazy, but against all reason, I’m somehow CHARMED by my own laziness.

Actually, now that I’ve written about this I am no longer amused by this dirt. I disgust myself.  As soon as I get done typing this sentence I’m going to clean it up.

UPDATE: Everyone calm down.  The dirt has been cleaned, and the floor has been swept.

Crisis averted. I am NOT a 14-year-old boy.

6 Things

1. Well, the Pegula era began exactly the same way as the Golisano era ended- WITH ICE COLD WATER IN THE BATHROOMS.  (And no, I will NOT stop talking about this.  EVER.  If you guys think I’m going to go easy on Pegula just because it was his first day on the job and because everyone loves him [for good reason], YOU’VE GOT ANOTHER THINK COMING.)

2. The pre-game ceremony was super fun last night.  I don’t know much about the French Connection because I’m about ten years too young, because I’m from Minnesota, and because as far as I’m concerned hockey started in 2007, but it was neat, even for me, to see the French Connection skate out together.  Also, it’s my understanding that Rene Robert has been all, “I hate you guys,” about the Sabres for a while, so I’m glad to see that he’s likes our new billionaire.

I really love the idea of an unforgettable and famous forward line, and I’m sorry I missed those guys.

But FYI, when I get really rich and buy the Sabres in 30 years, please do NOT send out old man versions of Vanek, Staffy, and Roy to surprise me at center ice.  That would be SUCH a downer on my special day.  Heh.

3. I can’t lie, for the first period and a half of the game I was worried that the Sabres were all, “Oh man.  The water is still too cold in the ladies restrooms?  Eff this new guy.”  But they got all snazzy at the end of the second period, and the game turned into a rollicking good time.  Thanks, Sabres!

4. Craig Rivet.  Oh, handsome and manly Craig Rivet….

I haven’t written about Rivet much this season, possibly because of my natural inclination to look away from awkward things, but also because I’ve really liked always Craig Rivet, and it’s been difficult to watch his career fade away like this.

Craig Rivet has always been a good Sabre and an extremely likable guy.  Obviously this season has been a rough one for him, but I admire his professionalism and the grace he’s shown in a difficult situation.  I think it’s important to remember that when Rivet joined the Sabres there was a sense that the locker room was incredibly immature.  Rivet was brought onto the team, and immediately made captain, to fill the leadership void.  He did this job capably, and I think the Sabres are a better team for having had him among their ranks.

It’s a sad part of sports to watch a man age before your eyes, but I’m proud to have called myself a Rivet fan.  I hope he finds another home in the NHL, and I wish him nothing but the best.

5. I hope Vanek is the next captain of the Sabres.  When I first started watching the Sabres, Drury and Briere had just fled for richer pastures, and Lindy was in the middle of his famous rotating captaincy system.  At the time, I didn’t understand why fans were so cranky about the rotating C, but after a few years of watching hockey, I’ve kind of changed my tune.  The C is important.  The guy wearing the C sets the tone for the team.  Rivet was a good captain, but he just didn’t have the goods on the ice.  Vanek has been a strong player and a responsible teammate for several years now.  Give the kid the C, please.

I’ve heard lots of people argue that giving Vanek the C could backfire.  I actually think this is true.  Giving Vanek the C might be a disaster.  HOWEVER, if the Sabres (as they’re currently constructed) can’t rely on Vanek for leadership they’re already completely screwed.  Who knows, maybe Darcy is about to pull the next Chris Drury out of thin air at the trade deadline, but I seriously doubt it.  For better or for worse, Vanek is our guy.  If he’s NOT our guy, then the team has MUCH bigger problems than the captaincy.

To me, sitting in the stands, Vanek looks like he’s ready.  I say it’s worth the risk.

6. It’s interesting how certain topics rear up on the intertubes, and then suddenly everyone is talking about some relatively random issue.  A few days ago, Chris Jones wrote this post, and ever since then I’ve been seeing a lot of twitter chatter about the issue of cheering from the press box.  (Here’s another interesting blog post on the subject from Jay Busbee.)   Then today, Mike Schopp wrote this post, which is not about press box decorum, but it does address the issue of fandom as it pertains to people in the media.

As far as the press box goes, it’s very clear that cheering up there is extremely B-A-D M-A-N-N-E-R-S.  I’m not a reporter, nor do I aspire to be a reporter, so I can’t claim to understand the rules, but if I ever (improbably) found myself sitting in the Sabres press box, I would of course abide by these rules.  (I am a Minnesotan, and we are nothing if not polite.) But I do have to say, I’ve never really understood the reasoning behind the “no cheering” rule.  I just don’t get it.  I understand that cheering makes you look like an unprofessional rube, but I don’t see how cheering makes you a less effective writer.  Cheering would offend the other reporters and it would make me look stupid, but I’m not sure I buy that it would make my writing worse.  Of course, I’m not a professional… as evidenced by this blog.

I suspect it has something to do with objectivity, which brings me to Mike Schopp’s post.

I really like what Mike wrote.  Mike’s job (as I see it) is to share his opinion and to help shape the conversation among fans, so that certainly makes his perspective different than a print journalist’s, but it’s still refreshing to see someone admit that his job is easier and more fun when the Sabres are winning.  And for as many times as I’ve heard Mike Harrington say it, I simply can’t fathom how a person can cover a team and not root for them to win.  I understand that objectivity is a HUGE element of traditional journalism, but on a human level, and particularly when the subject is sports, I think it’s really odd.

So, I get it.  Cheering from the press box is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and everyone who does it is an embarrassing fool, but I fundamentally do not understand how it makes you a less effective sports writer.

4 Things

1. Man, the Leafs sure do deliver, do they?  As most of you know, I’ve only been a fan for a few years, but in that time, the Sabres have absolutely OWNED the Leafs, particularly at HSBC Arena.  In a weird way, the Leafs are sort of our heroes.  Whenever we’re feeling down in the dumps because of an unsettling loss to the Penguins, in swoop the Leafs to dry away our tears.  It’s like clockwork.  Thank you, Leafs!

(Aside to the Hockey Gods: Thank you for your glorious Leaf-related bounty.  In no way, shape, or form do we as Sabres fans take your blessings for granted.  We approach every game that the Sabres play with reverence and respect, including the Leafs.  We do this for you.  Amen,)

2. A few days ago I tweeted that I’m excited that the Sabres will have a First Lady.  I was speaking, of course, about Kim Pegula, Terry’s wife.  This is something new for Sabres fans, because Tom Golisano is unmarried and  dates women 30 years his junior.  Monica Seles seems cool and all, but she’s no First Lady.  That’s for sure.

What I did not anticipate was the emergence of the Pegula daughters on twitter.

Now look.  I’m sure the Pegula girls are awesome.  Of this I have no doubt.  From what I’ve read, their tweets are fun and interesting.  And I can hardly blame them for enjoying the twitter-attention that suddenly came racing their way when their parents bought the Sabres.  Nor can I blame Sabres fans for being interested in the girls, because short of one brief camera shot of Pegula sitting next to Larry Quinn in Pittsburgh, we’ve had exactly ZERO exposure to Terry Pegula.  We’re desperate to hear about him and his family, and at first glance it was fun that his daughters were being so approachable on twitter.

But, you guys, these are teen-aged girls. I believe the oldest of the two is seventeen-years-old.  It’s NOT healthy, for them or for us, for a couple of teenagers to be our primary source of Pegula-information.  I am decidedly uneasy about this turn of events. 

When I decided to write about this issue, I included a whole section that listed in detail all the ways in which this was headed straight for disaster.  It started with, “sooner or latter Terry Pegula is going to do something that pisses people off, and it’s a TERRIBLE idea for people to have a way to air their grievances directly to his children,” it traveled through to, “some people are EXTREMELY RUDE online,” and it finished up with, “I don’t even want to THINK about the multitude of ways in which these young heiresses can be objectified by unscrupulous jerks.”  But, in the end I decided that all of those things are issues that the Pegulas will have to decide how to handle as parents.  It’s really none of our business.  The only thing about the Pegula girls on Twitter that really effects Sabres fans is this:  This deal is NOT YET DONE.  If somehow some sicko on Twitter manages to ruin this for everyone by harassing the Pegula daughters I am going to BURN THIS CITY TO THE GROUND WITH RAGE.  The LAST THING we need is Terry Pegula pissed off at us before the deal EVEN GOES THROUGH.

If I’m the Pegulas, (after rolling around naked in my bank vault of cash) I immediately grant an interview to take the edge off the curiosity in Buffalo, in the hopes that the local paper will not be so hard up for personal information about me that they link to the twitter accounts of my teen-aged children.  Then, I demand that my daughters lock down their twitter accounts.  And if one of the girls resists and refuses to privacy-protect her account, I tell them, “WELL THEN, NO MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR INHERITANCE FOR YOU, YOUNG LADY.”  And yes, I would shout at them in all-caps.  That’s how good parents do it.

AND GET OFF MY LAWN! *sprays twitter with the hose*

3. For the first ten (or so) years of my adulthood, I had absolutely no inclination towards gardening or houseplants.  I’d buy a cactus, only to watch it slowly die of thirst.  A cactus.  Dying of thirst.  On my watch.

Perhaps it’s just my withered old age, but I’ve gotten increasingly interested in plants, and now I probably have two dozen potted plants in my house.  I really think that plants are the absolute best way to cozy up a room.  Better than fancy carpets, better than beautiful artwork, a nice healthy plant says, “This is nice place to live!”

If at some point in your life you’ve been a plant killer, I encourage you not to give up.  Keep trying!  If you’re inclined to by plants, but have a difficult time keeping them alive, I suggest you invest in an attractive flowerpot for your new plant.  Flowerpots are inexpensive and really fun to shop for in my opinion.  I like the pots almost as much as I like the plants, and when I started buying pretty pots for my plants I immediately started taking better care of them.

This is my new plant.  I call him Sideshow Bob.  It cost $8, probably because it’s got some worrisome brown spots on its leaves.  Poor guy.

Hey, yellow-potted friend!

4. As I’m sure you’re aware, today is Superbowl Sunday, and, more importantly, today is the Puppy Bowl.  This year, Sabres fans should pay special attention to the Puppy Bowl, because we have a local contestant. This puppy’s name is Lindy. At the suggestion of someone on twitter who I can’t remember (although I suspect it was the fabulous and alluring @reigningfrog), I’ve spruced him up a bit.

Make us proud, Lindy.

6 Things

1. You may have noticed that I’ve changed my blogging philosophy this season.  After years of working under the mission statement of, “Writing everyday is a practice that is both enjoyable and healthy,” I’ve recently discovered the joys of, “Eff it.  The Sabres blow and life is too short.  Poor me another glass of boxed wine please.”  (Sidenote: Did you know that boxed wine has evolved significantly since the days of keeping Franzia in your fridge in college?  I can report that Sabres games are a LOT less annoying to watch when you stop counting your wine consumption in “bottles” and start counting it in “boxes”.)

2. I just spent about twenty minutes writing a detailed list of all the ways in which the World Junior Championship and Buffalo’s response to it are on my nerves, but I’m currently experiencing some doubt about whether I want to go full-blown crankypants about this issue.

I’ll just say this:  I have realized that if I want to have any hope of making it through this tournament with my sunny disposition intact, it is my own responsibility to stop looking at Twitter.  If I stop reading Twitter, the WJC will revert back to something I never ever think about, and then I might have the opportunity to attend some games with an open mind.  As of right now, I’m so turned off by the tone of the conversation around town that I’m resisting the urge to hate the World Juniors just on principle.

I like liking things, and I dislike being all grouchy and annoyed.  So, no Twitter it is.

World Juniors, I’ll see you on January 2nd.  I’ll try to have a better attitude about you by then.

3. I hosted Christmas this year, which was really a lot of fun, but after weeks missing games because of work or house related chores, by the time the Sabres/Calgary game came along on the 26th, I was pretty adamant that I wanted to watch it.   The original plan was to herd the whole family out to a bar, but my regular haunts were zany that night (Left Bank was closed.  CLOSED!), and so we wound up back at my house. This is how my entire family of non-Buffalonians, non-hockey fans wound up gathered around my television to watch the Calgary game.

Sadly, the game was boring and the lose-iness was palpable, but at least I got a good laugh from my family at the end when I quipped, “And that’s the sport and the team that changed my life forever! What a wonderful holiday treat that was for you!”

4. I’ll write more about this later, but it sure feels like this season is basically over for the Sabres.  Roy-Z is out for the year, and Crunchy is in some sort of “I just got engaged to a mega-hot starlet and I refuse to be cranky about anything, including the fact that my team blows” haze, and it feels like the entire organization is just waiting for Pegula to take over so they can see which lifetime-contracts will be honored and which ones will go up in smoke.

I’ve never experienced a season like this as a fan.  During the other non-playoff years the Sabres were in the playoff hunt until the last week of the season, so this dead-in-the-water sensation is something new.  What I’m learning is that the it’s perfectly possible to allow the Sabres to fade into the background of your life, and still enjoy a rich, satisfying existence.  I know!  It’s actually a very lovely life lesson.

I’m not at all in the mood to hate the Sabres these days, so, I won’t.

5. I’ve written a little in the past about how I love Sidney Crosby mostly because everyone else hates him.  (I think it’s hilarious how almost every hockey fan criticizes Sid for being boring and whining….while uniformly whining en masse about Sid.)  Sid is really cementing his place in my heart right now because not only is he infuriating his strongest detractors with his scoring streak, but he’s doing so with the ugliest mustache in the history of mustaches.  Delightful.

6. If you want an example of stellar, non-redonk coverage of the WJC, I highly suggest you keep a close eye on Andrew Kulyk over at Artvoice.  This piece about Kassian and Etem is a great read.

7 Things Written While My Car Gets New Brakes

1. Here’s how my life goes right now: Wake up, eat something, play Christmas carols, eat something else, work on the house, play more Christmas carols, eat again, sleep, repeat.  The Sabres have inconveniently scheduled ALL of their games during BPO rehearsals/concerts, so I haven’t seen them in 45,000 years, and I won’t see them again until December 21st.

Today is slightly different because I’m treating myself to a morning at the car mechanic’s.  The Civic Doody has developed a troubling grinding sound when she brakes, so I thought I’d get that checked out.  Kudos to Town Car for having a wireless connection, and double kudos to myself for thinking to grab my computer on the way out.

2. I can’t quite explain how it feels to look at your phone after a concert and see that the Sabres not only beat the Bruins, but they did so because of a Drew Stafford hat trick.  It was an odd sensation- equal parts glee, disbelief, amusement, and concern that the apocalypse is nigh.  Obviously Staffy has been busy feasting on human flesh, so we should probably be a little worried about the coming rise of the zombies, but whatever.  The Sabres won, so we rejoice.  Good work, Staffy!  *moooooore brraaaaains*

3. Is anyone else getting a little anxious for Terry Pegula to take over and save Buffalo?  I mean, hurry up already, Pegasaurus.  (What do you think of the nickname “Pegasaurus” for Terry Pegula?  I don’t know why I even ask.  You guys never like my nicknames.  I still haven’t forgiven you for rejecting “Mylers.”)

4. Here is something I can highly recommend that you do NOT do a week before your entire family comes to Buffalo for Christmas:  Do not (I repeat, DO NOT) decide that you should finally get around to sanding and refinishing the stairs.

The actual sanding is not that difficult (once you get past the initial stage of not know how to do it, which includes swearing, crying, and whining on twitter until someone gives you lots of useful tips [thanks, JonesRG!]), but the clean-up is unreal.  UNREAL.  My stairwell is in the center of my house, and it’s open so there wasn’t a good way to contain the dust.  When I realized the dust was going to be a problem, I thought, “Well, I guess I’ll just have to spend a few extra minutes vacuuming this week” (FYI, at my house, “a few extra minutes of vacuuming this week,” really means,” SOME minutes of vacuuming this week”).  WRONG.  WRONGWRONGWRONG.

The dust got everywhere.    The cleanup involves picking up every single thing in my house and dusting it off with a damp cloth.  I spent about an hour vacuuming and wiping down the couch last night, and I’m still not convinced it won’t give my house guests instant asthma next week.

The moral of the story is: don’t go sanding parts of your house all willy-nilly.

5. Hey, good news.  My car needs new brakes, but nothing scarier or more expensive than that.  She’s a good girl, the Civic Doody.

6. One of the things I’ve had on my blogging to-do list forever, is alert you to the fabulous new(ish) Sabres blog “$#*! Harry Neale Says” penned by the hilarious and beautiful, Mcguffers.   McGuffers is awesome and you should definitely read her blog.  I apologize for not telling you about her months ago (more Mcguffers for me).

7. I had the great privilege of participating in Artvoice’s  “5 Questions With…” feature this week.  It was tons of fun to write, in part because of the great questions fed to me by Zachary Burns.  Have a look!

I’m convinced that this article is my best chance to catch the attention and capture the heart of Terry Pegula.  So, if you’re reading this, hi Terry!  My name is Katebits.  Call me if you ever need help deciding who to fire.  I’ve been keeping a detailed list.

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