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4 Things

1.  Hey, guess who called and asked what I think again?  The New York Times! Silly NYT, thinking I know anything about anything.  *shakes head sadly*  Well, lack of knowledge did not stop me from telling them exactly what I think.  You can always count on me in that regard.

2.  Speaking of telling people what you think, don’t forget to vote tomorrow.  I’ve been inSANEly preoccupied with the election over the last few days.  Today I realized that, I’ve barely paid any attention to anything hockey related recently- it’s been all electoral maps, all the time.  Hopefully after tomorrow night I can turn my attention back to what matters most- men chasing a little rubber disc on a slab of ice, while teetering on shoes with blades attached to the soles.

3. If you would like me to tell you who to vote for, email me and I will do so.

4. I’m not going to do any mid-game blogging during the Devils game tonight because I don’t wanna.

Farewell, New York Times

One thing I never told you guys concerning the NYT “Hockey Night in Blogdom” project, is that the bulk of the project will occur during the playoffs. So basically, the Sabres, by failing to make the playoffs, have derailed my NYT writing career and effectively ruined my life.

My final contribution to the New York Times Slap Shot Blog can be read here.

I’m trying to be a grown-up about this.

(Thanks for having me, NYT!)

UPDATE: I just realized that I somehow ended up linking to a comment I made on Slap Shot, not the actual content of my contribution. Just a heads up. Click again if you want to read the actual post!

The Mourning After

Animal representing what the Sabres have reduced me to:

This is my new BFF/confidant/possible boyfriend. He’s a blob fish.

Blob and I spent the afternoon, hanging out, talking about how much our lives suck, and alternating salty and sweet snacks. Blob’s a really good listener, and when I told him about the Sabres, he nodded sympathetically and told me I deserve better. I feel like Blob really “gets” me.

On an unrelated note, I would like to welcome everyone who is visiting TWC for the first time after reading my latest contribution to Hockey Night in Blogdome on the New York Times website. This post (starring Blob) is pretty typical of the high quality analysis you can expect from The Willful Caboose, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you can’t keep up with the furious pace of my hockey intellect.

The New York Times, Baby

I would like to interrupt your busy schedule of depressed drinking, and feverishly refreshing your browser in the hopes of discovering Soupy has been traded for Olli Jokinen, but only for a moment. Then it’s right back to wallowing, and soul-searing frustration, I promise.


Imagine my recent surprise when, while relaxing at TWC headquarters, I received an email from the New York Times. According to the email, they had a project in the works that required my assistance. Not wanting to seem too eager and shamefully available, I waited a few hours before icily replying that, yes, despite my busy schedule, I would be willing to help.

And then I called my mom… squeal into the phone that the NEW YORK TIMES just gave me an assignment.

The fine people at Slap Shot, the NYT’s hockey blog, have asked a blogger representative from each NHL team to answer a short questionnaire. Apparently, the project is being run by someone’s ten-year-old nephew, because against all reason, I have been chosen as the Sabres blogger. I know. It makes no sense. But, I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth (whatever that means), so rather than argue with this rogue NYT agent, I quickly accepted his assignment and a giant suitcase of cash in payment. (By “giant suitcase of cash,” what I really mean is, “bragging rights”.)

You can read my post on the Slap Shot blog on the New York Times website, here.

You can nominate me for the Pulitzer Prize, here.

In all seriousness, participating in a project for The New York Times has been a hoot. Thank you so much to Jeff Z. Klein for putting this together, and for giving me the opportunity to enjoy years of seeing “The New York Times” come up when I google my own name.


Now, Sabres fans, please continue binge drinking. Last night never happened. IT NEVER HAPPENED IF WE CAN’T REMEMBER.

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