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The Concert Gods spared my from having to watch the game last night (Thank you, Concert Gods), so I didn’t see the wreckage of the Sabres’ third period with my own two eyes. BUT, let me assure you Sabres fans, your despair came through loud and clear on Twitter.

Is the despair justified? Are we all just being gigantic spazzes? Should we just chill? Sometimes when I miss a game I find myself a little confused. What’s the right way to feel about the Sabres? Like every cerebral sports fan, in times like these, I turn to statbits to clarify the situation. Emotions are messy, but numbers? Numbers don’t lie.

Let’s crunch the numbers and find out how we should feel about the Sabres right now.

According to my calculations:

3 iffy late-game penalties +¬† bad defense + STFU, Nathan Gerbe + Bills in Toronto + bad goaltending + Ryan Miller haters gloating on twitter + Wait… they didn’t even get a point? + mental fragility + The damn Leafs are still winning + SERIOUSLY¬†EFF YOU, MARCO STURM = crankiness all around.

There you have it, Sabres fans. Last night was a bad scene. I think everyone in town should just allow themselves to wallow for a day. Let’s all eat some mini-candy bars, and pray for a Bills win.

We’ll reconvene back here tomorrow to reassess the situation.

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