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Early Playoff Observations

1. Keith Jones, please eat some snacks. Your non-smooshiness makes me sad.  You don’t have to be skinny to be beautiful!  Stop reading all those fashion magazines- they’re giving you unrealistic images of beauty.  Put down the Vogue, and start eating TastyKakes.  Cuddliness is your best feature, please don’t squander it just to please Engblom. (I know Engblom is behind this somehow. *shakes fist at sky* Engblllllommm!)

2. I know it’s a seven game series, but how hard are the Sharks and their fans freaking out right now?  I’ve come to enjoy the annual spring fizzle-out from the Sharks, but I do feel bad for their fans.  I mean, by now they’ve got to just dread the playoffs.  Right?  When the Caps dropped game one it was a bit odd, a bit enjoyable (sorry Frisbee), but mostly no big deal.  It’s one game, you know?  But when the SHARKS dropped game one, I thought, “The President’s Cup team needs to be blown up.  Right now.”  Heh.  Poor Sharks.

3. Playoff hockey is a totally different beast than regular season hockey and I love it.  The intensity is so refreshing after months of watching the Sabres (who never seem to have their act together in the “intensity” department) play teams who either clinched their playoff spot weeks ago, or teams that gave up all hope months ago.  Last night it really struck me how hard the teams were trying. For that reason it’s kind of difficult to imagine the current Sabres in the playoffs, but someday they’ll be back in, and when that day comes we shall rejoice.

4. Today is the kind of day that makes you want to sit outside and drink beer in the sun, except that it’s really not warm enough.  The sun is a tease.  Stupid sun.  (Just kidding, sun.  You know I love you.)

5. I think the Burger King “Square Butts” commercial is pretty funny in a objectifying-women-wildly-inappropriate-for-children kind of way.  I like square butts and I cannot lie.

6. The Blackhawks really won me over last night.  The Blackhawks are charming and feisty in a way that I feel like the Caps want to be, but the Blackhawks can actually pull it off.  (Again, sorry Frisbee.  But the Bruins were foxy!  WOOOO!)  Plus….Patrick Sharp.

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