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Hey, We Drafted a Giant!

Well, hot damn! About the only thing that could have sparked any genuine interest in the draft from me was if the Sabres drafted someone either freakishly tall or freakishly good at the viola. Guess what? We drafted a giant! Hooray!

My Giant

I’m going to teach him to play the viola.

Mmmm, Tasty Prospects

The Sabres signed two tasty prospects this week. The cupboards are no longer bare, and Bucky Gleason can suck it. It was only a few weeks ago that everyone was sweating the lack of depth in Rochester, but things are definitely looking up in that regard. As a fairly new fan, it’s curious to witness the restocking of youngsters, and it’s fun to imagine that someday these kids might be Sabres. After becoming a diehard fan during a rather unfortunate phase of Sabre free agency flight, it’s refreshing to be reminded that, actually, there’s always a bunch of new kids banging on the door.

Tim Kennedy is a native Buffalonian. He’s also the distant cousin of the famed Massachusetts Kennedys, his uncle is a founding member the Dead Kennedy’s, and his sister is Kennedy*. Yay! A hometown hero!

Jhonas Enroth is an itty-bitty Swedish goalie who is supposedly quite good. Crunchy has been honing his death glare for months in preperation of Jhonas’ arrival**.

(*none of that is true)

(**nothing has ever been truer)

Gerbe and Schutz

So, we signed a couple of prospects this week. First there was Nathan Gerbe, and then Felix Schutz. These signings were particularly hilarious because Bucky Gleason had just finished being all, “The Sabres are screwing it all up AGAIN. No one EVER wants to play here because the Sabres are cheap, and slow, and impossible to negotiate with,” when Darcy came out and was all, “We signed some dudes.

Until these boys are shopping at my local Wegman’s I probably won’t bother to learn too much about them, but people are pretty excited about Nathan Gerbe, so I thought I’d find a picture of him at least.

Get this. Here is a picture of Nathan Gerbe standing next to Kevin Sylvester:

Unless Kevin Sylvester is a giant, Nathan Gerbe is itty-bitty.

According to the Sabres website, Gerbe is 5’6″. Hm. I’m not quite buying it. But no matter! As Darcy said, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” Hopefully, Gerbe won’t have to do too much fighting for the Sabres, anyway.

The other kid’s name is Schutz, which is awesomely pronounced “Shootz”. His name alone is good enough for me. Slap a slug on him, and toss him on the ice, I say!

Welcome to Buffalo, new guys!

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