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Problem Solved

I had two rehearsals and a board meeting today. Sometimes, even the most focused and professional of musicians allows her mind to wander in rehearsal, and today was just one of those days for me. Oh, I did my job. I was present and accounted for, and I played all mostly all the right notes, but I had a hard time staying mentally focused today. The human psyche has a way of prioritizing certain things, and even in spite of my best efforts to concentrate on the rehearsals and the meetings, my brain had other ideas. You see, since last night I’ve had a pressing issue that has been demanding my mental attention. Sometimes, I just have to mull a dilemma over until I drive myself insane considering every angle.

I’m happy to report that after 24 hours of fretting, deliberating, and waffling, I have finally gotten to the heart of the issue that has been dogging me all day:

Chris Osgood is not the lovable nerd that I like to pretend he is. In reality, he’s just a plain old nerd. Now, I wish him all the best (and continued success in the Finals), but I can no longer ignore his unsavory diving tendencies.  I don’t mind the occasional artful goalie dive- diving can draw tasty penalties, after all- but Osgood has taken things too far.   I hereby declare an end to my Chris Osgood infatuation.

Ahhh. Problem solved. I feel so much better now.


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