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OMG, The NHL Is So Dumb.

All day long I’ve been batting around the idea of doing a Sean Avery post, but I just read this, and I am now too dumbfounded to continue.  I….don’t have any idea how to respond to that.  I’m literally speechless.

So, instead of a post about the Sean Avery “sloppy seconds” incident, here is a video of a really funny dog wearing little dog shoes.

Make sure to watch to the end!  (It’s only 45 second long)

Ukulele Night In Canada

The hockey world is up in arms over the non-renewal of the Hockey Night in Canada theme song. I can’t quite decipher the legalities of what is going on between CBC and the woman who composed the tune, so I will refrain from commenting, but I will say that I think it’s a good little ditty, and it’s really a shame we won’t be hearing it anymore.

It’s possible that this surprisingly awesome ukulele version of the HNIC theme song has already made the hockey blog rounds, but I discovered it the old fashioned way; by tooling around on YouTube, following link after ridiculous link. Check him out. This is Ukulele Mike.

I love it


Every single hockey blog in the world is posting this commercial today, because it’s absolutely breathtaking.

Buffalo’s Own

I just wanted to make sure everyone sees this, because it’s awfully cute. Patrick Kane is such a feel good story for Buffalo. I’ve become a bit of a Blackhawks fans because of him. Go Kaner!

Thanks to Rinslet over at hlog for the heads-up on this video.

Is This The Year?

I’m sure you have already seen the new NHL, “Is this the year? commercials.

I found this mash-up over at AOL FanHouse.

Now, I actually like this ad. I love that Ryan Miller is featured so prominently. I like that hockey is an international sport, and I wish that the ad featured more players speaking in their native language. I loathe the anti-Sid sentiment at the end of the retooled ad………..but this mash-up made me laugh. I laughed because from the very first time I saw this commercial, every time they asked, “Is this the Year?” I responded out loud with a resounding “No”.

It was pure instinct.

I’m no advertising genius, but the fact that on first viewing I was literally responding in the negative to the commercial seems like a fairly large flaw in the advertising campaign.


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